The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Freedoms Flag (V)

So freedoms flag were flying here
In this our Ulster home
In God our trust to guide and steer
and keep us free from Rome
1641 and blood was spilt
Christs followers were slain
Because they would not bow the knee
To satan Rome nor pain

In 1690 William came
An answer to their prayers
And played at the Boyne the deadly game
For which were greatful heirs
Each 12th July we thank the Lord
For Williams victory
To worship truth in scriptures word
Unchained from popery

Like stories heard at mothers knee
From the bible that she read
Of people who the Lord set free
From bondage fear and dread
Twas but a respite William won
True freedom don't you see
Comes not from men with horse and gun
But flows from Calvary

Our freedoms then a fragile thing
It's enemies still abound
For hate and death theyll gladly bring
To smash it in the ground
So unite then Orange brethren
Guard well Gods liberty
Use scriptures truth to measure men
For its His word sets them free

Learn histories lesson, spread Gods word
So that it will engender
Such faith and hope that beast and pope
Will be faced with

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