The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

No Surrender! (by William Johnston of Ballykilbeg 1867)

Let craven hearts to tyranny, their coward homage render;
The watchword of the brave and free will still be "No Surrender! "

'Twas not in anger, and not in hate, we kept commemoration,
In honour of our Hero great, who freed the British nation.
Keep Your Powder Dry (tune Jock o' Hazeldean)

Ye Orangemen of Ulster, Ye Loyal, True and Brave, 
Arise, arise ere yet it be, too late our land to save, 
Arouse, arouse and put your trust, in Him whom sits on high, 
And charge the musket, draw the sword, and "keep your powder dry." 

And hoist your Orange banner high, and sound your trump and drum,
Then soon the Loyal of the land, will to that standard come.
Arouse! Arouse! Your country calls, Arm! Arm! the foe is nigh.
Let "No Surrender" be the word, and "keep your powder dry."

So Orangemen, Arouse ! Arouse! tis Loyalty that calls,
Fear not the foe, our Orange flag, a traitors heart appals;
And swear before High Heaven’s Lord, who reigns enthroned on high,
You’ll charge these rebels, on the field, and "have your powder dry."

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