The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Have you ever been an Orangeman, on the Twelfth day of July.
Have you stood and watched the brethren, as proudly they marched by,
Have you heard your Masters orders, have you heard your Chaplain call,
Put on your Orange Sashes boys, we're leaving for Loughgall.

It is a lovely village, the finest ever seen,
Surrounded by sweet countryside, and fields of grasses green,
Our Orange Banners floating, outshine the rebels all,
As we proudly march in memory, to the village of Loughgall

We numbered twenty thousand, as proudly we march down,
The streets we knew from childhood, the streets of Portadown,
We have walked them all from childhood, but now we do recall,
This glorious twelfth when we all march, to the village of Loughgall.

You have heard of old Dan Winter, some 100 years ago,
He formed our lovely order and proudly watched it grow,
He said we'll stand for Ulster, we'll stand or else we'll fall,
We'll shout out "No Surrender", when we're marching through Loughgall

But he is dead and gone now, and I hope in Heaven above,
Up with his great Grand Master, in that great land of love,
But I know that on this glorious twelfth, he will surely see us all,
As we proudly march in memory, to the village of Loughgall.

I know that far across the sea, in a land that's fair and bright,
Our lovely Queen is watching, for she loves this glorious sight,
She even sent a Telegram, God speed unto you all,
You Protestants of Ulster, as you're marching through Loughgall.
Dan Winters cottage Loughgall Ulster Birthplace of the Orange Institution

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