The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Newcastle Fishermen

The wreck of the Newcastle Fishermen

The day being dark the wind being out most doomful looked the sea
When ten stout boats with their gallant crew sailed out from Dundrum quay
And as they ventured their precious lives and as they left their home .
Up on a dark and deep deep sea on a winter's night to roam.

And as they parted from the shore and those .they loved so dear
Each man stood up and waved his hat and gave a lofty cheer
That cheer was answered from the shore, and many a wife and child
With upraised hands prayed God to save them from the waters wild.

Among that crowd a young .girl stood, her name was Fanny Bell,
She climbed the rocks to bid adieu to those she loved so well
Young Fanny Bell was true and good and of a temper mild
By all who knew her she was called the widow's handsome child.

To young MacGuinness she was pledged, a heart so true and fond,
United they were soon to be in wedlock's holy band
She ran to her mother's humble home, the tears stood in her eyes,
"0, Mother dear, 'tis much I fear, there's danger in the skies."

She scarcely had those few words spoke when the sea gave a mighty roar
She hastened from her mother's side and ran back to the shore
Along that shore, with many more, she wandered six long hours
She never felt the bitter cold of stormy sleet in showers.

Many a look those fishers took, to see if help was night,
They were too far off, the storm increased, all human help went by
Boat after boat was sunk and swamped beneath the great green waves
 And seventy two fine fishermen all met their watery graves.

Newcastle town is one long street entirely stripped of men
And near to it a village lost no less than ten.
In Annalong a widow mourns, three sons from her were torn,
So widows, orphans and sweethearts may now weep and deeply mourn.

The sun was bloodied when it sank, the sea was curled in foam
"0 Mother dear, it's much I wish those men had stayed at home."
And all you now that sing this song give pity and a sigh
And think of those poor fishermen who were doomed that night to die.

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