The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ducks of Magheralin (V)

Oh it is a famous city in the fine old ancient style,
A credit to sweet County Down and the pride of Eireann's Isle,
It had a spacious harbour for the bread carts to sail in, 
And if ever you go to Ireland you'll sail through Magheralin.

You have heard of great Napoleon, Napoleon Bonaparte, 
He conquered half of Europe and many another part 
He tried to conquer Ireland but we never would give in 
And he died in St Helena when he thought of Magheralin.

You have heard of Great King William, King William crossed the Boyne, 
With a hundred balls of sealing wax and a thousand yards of twine 
And then he gave his orders for the cobblers to begin 
To make a thousand pairs of boots for the ducks of Magheralin.

You have heard of Mussolini, the great Italian Bum 
And how his troops in Africa were always on the run 
You have heard of Winston Churchill, he always wore a grin, 
For he knew the Ulster Rifles were all born in Magheralin.

It is just about a year ago I went to see the queen
She decked me out with medals, the trimmings they were green
She decked me out with medals, but they were made of tin.
"Oh, go home," says she, "ye skitter ye, you're the mayor of Magheralin."

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