The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

You Williamites So True

You Williamites so true, of the Orange and the Blue
That dwell in this country all round ,round ,round
O! May they increase and multiply in ev'ry place
And join to keep rebellion down, down down,
And Join to keep rebellion down

On the 23rd of May was to have been the fatal day
To assassinate all friends of the crown, crown, crown
But our kingly yeomen brave, our country then did save,
By keeping the rebellion down, down,down
By Keeping the rebellion down

Oh! Well may you rembember, on the 4th of last November
The birthday of William, high in renown, nown,nown
What a glorious sight was seen that day in College-green
Of them that kept rebellion down down, down.
Of them that kept rebellion down.

The Crops were so dismayed when our Orange was displayed.
At our victory they were seen to frown frown, frown,
They also stopped their ears being much annoyed by cheers
And the band playing "Croppies lie down," down down
And the band playing "Croppies lie down."

So fill high your glasses to him who made the Crops to swing
In villages, in cities, and in town, town, town
Lord Camden is his name, may he shortly come again,
To keep rebellion down, down, down.
To keep rebellion down.- Graham

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