The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Farewell to the Mournes

Ye muses nine, with me combine, unto I do relate,
A remnant of my grief and woe, my sorrows they are great,
It was all caused by a beauty bright, that has my heart trepanned.
Her rosy cheeks, have banished me, to range some foreign land.

Last night I went to see my girl, to see what she would say
Still thinking she'd some pity take, before I sailed away
She said she loved a sailor lad, "He's the boy that I adore
I'll wait on him for seven long years, so trouble me no more."

"If your sailor lad be drownded, or buried on the main,
The roaring tide by Mallagh side, will ne'er see him again."
"If my jolly tar does me forsake, no man I'll e'er enjoy
For ever since I saw his face, I've loved my sailor boy."

Adieu unto ye Walmsley's Groves, Down by the bleaching mill
Where the linen webs are daily spread and the purling streams run still.
Where the pinks and daisies late in bloom and the spotted trout does play
With my bait and hook delight, I took to spend my youthful days.

Our ship she lies at Warrenpoint, she is ready to set sail;
May the Lord then send her safely o'er, with a soft and pleasant gale.
If I'd ten thousand pounds a year, or ten times that much more
I'd spend it all with the girl I left, behind on Mourne Shore

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