The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Monday, 16 May 2011


Sally Munroe

My name is John Dickson a blacksmith by trade
And in the county Armagh I was there born and raised;
From Armagh to Belfast a journey I did go,
It was there I fell in love with young Sally Munroe.
I once had a companion I thought I could depend
And with him a letter to Sally would send
But instead of a friend he proved a great foe
And he never gave my letter to Sally Munroe.

He told her old mother to be wary of me
That I had a wife in my own counterie
Said her poor old mother: "If that then be so
He never shall wed with young Sally Munroe."

For six months and better not a word did I hear
From that pretty wed damsel whom I loved so dear
Till one morning in summer I walked up Sandy Row
And who did I meet but young Sally Munroe.

I asked her would she come to Newry town with me
With consent from her parents and married we would be
Her parents consented and away we did go
And got wed at the altar to Sally Munroe.

Our Gallant ship "Newry" at Warrenpoint lay
With five hundred passengers booked for America
I there booked my passage to Quebec to go
I also made a bargain for Sally Munroe.

When we were three days sailing there came on a fog
And to my misfortune our good ship did lodge
The women were drownded with the children below
Down to the bottom went young Sally Munroe.

There were men on that voyage that all lost their wives
There were women and children who all lost their lives
My life was spared and my tears they do flow
I sigh when I think of my Sally Munroe.

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