The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Union We'll Maintain

The Union We'll Maintain

Ye loyal sons of Ulster, why slumber and be stilI?
Once more your rebel foemen demand a Home Rule Bill.
Come, rally in your thousands from every hill and plain;
Let loyal Ulster's watchword be - the Union we'll maintain.

Our gallant sires in bygone days have gravely stood the field,
And shed their blood in Freedom's cause ere they to Rome would yield,
Had they an Irish Parliament, 'twere '98 again;
Forbid it Heaven, ring out your cry - the Union we'll maintain.

Can we forget the dreadful days when Rome she had full power,
Nor would its hand less cruel be had she it at this hour.
Think of the persecutions marked Bloody Mary's reign;
To Popish laws we'll never submit - the Union we'll maintain.

Remember Derry's dauntless few, who bravely drew their swords,
And shut their gates against King James and all his Popish hordes,
 At EnniskiIlen and the Boyne their blood was shed like rain,
 No compromise unto the foe - the Union we'll maintain.

Oh! Protestants united be, and never be misled
The time is nigh when we must strike for what our fathers bled.
Strive to undo what has been done your honour bright to stain,
We prize our blood bought privilege - the Union we'll maintain.

To win us all unto their cause they try by word and deed,
They say they wish the welfare of every class and creed.
Oh! Protestants be not deceived by wily men again
But proudly send your answer back - the Union we'll maintain.

Then rally, loyal Ulster's sons, and proud your banners wave;
With heart and voice make it your choice our blood bought rights to save.
Our Brethren across the seas will join the glad refrain,
Then in God's name your watchword raise - the Union we'll maintain.

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