The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ulster to The Rescue!

Ulster to The Rescue!

The doubling drum is sounding
All o'er the loyal North,
And faithful hearts are bounding,
As its summons bids them forth;
And our fathers flag is flying
Aloft in blazoned pride
And fearless men are  hieing
To rank them by its side.

And Down's green vales are ringing
With loyal sounds once more,
To Antrim, Echo flinging
From cliff and rocky shore;
For Derry's ancient slogan
Is pealing to the sky,
And Bann gives back the token--
"We conquer or we die."

And stern Locch Erne is bounding
In answer to the call,
And stout Tyrone resounding,
Wakes rocky Donegal;
And all along the border
Of Cavan's fire-tried land,
Ranks in unbroken order
A firm devouted band.

And the "Diamond" bright is blazing
Mid champions of the truth
And the gathering cry is raising
The scatterers of Truagh;
And loud--hurrah! And louder!
O'er plain and inland wave,
Rings forth a summons prouder
Than ever monarch gave.

The motto of our glory!
The battle-word of old!
The boast of Orange story!
The 'prentice answer bold,
Rings louder--hurrah! Rings louder!
O'er plain and inland wave.
A mustering summons prouder
Than ever monarch gave.

And now, God bless the yeomen
In Ulster's happy homes,
God shield them from their foemen,
Uphold when danger comes,
May the Orange still united
With their fathers sturdy blue
By faction's breath unblighted
Wave o're their legions true.

 From statesmen, treason veiling,
'Neath false and hollow smiles;
From hearts in honor failing,
Or won by Jesuit wiles;
From fear when danger gathers
Or rebels venture forth;
Oh! Helper of our fathers!
Guard thou the loyal North!

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