The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Union Cruiser (V)

Far across the stormy ocean in our happy Northern home,
Where our countrymen are arming to resist the wiles of Rome.
I can see the Union Cruiser in the harbour of Belfast
And the Orange flag of liberty is floating on her mast

Every city, town and village on our happy Northern coast
Is preparing to defend itself against the rebel hosts,
From the shores of Carrickfergus to the margins of Lough Neagh,
There's a hundred thousand Orangemen preparing for the fray.

Magherafelt and Castledawson, Maghera and Tobermore,
Are as eager for the conflict as they were in days of yore,
Culnady and the Tarnlaght boys still loyal to the throne
Are responding to the battle cry that comes from Portglenone.

With the fighting men of Garvah and the Sprigs of old Kilrea,
With their armour brightly burnished and their flags and banners gay,
Send a ringing call to arms rolling o'er our native hills
That was heard at Ballymoney, Agbadowey and Bushrnills.

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