The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

My Sweet Boyneside (V)

This song was the winner of a song competition held in 1990 by Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland to mark the Tercentenary of the Battle of the Boyne. It was written & preformed by the group Bakerloo Junction

One morning fair, as I did stroll,
Down by my sweet Boyneside
The flowers in bloom, the birds did sing.
The sun was shining bright
On banks so green, I made my way,
By rippling waters clear
The smells of summer filled the air
Sweet songs did fill my ear

On mossy bank, I did sit down,
A rest I wished to take
The sun it shone upon my face
It's rays did warm my brow
The rippling waters sang to me,
A haunting lullabye
And into sleep, I gently crept
To dream of days gone by

July the 1st, a morning clear
Two armies great did meet
William and James, from distant lands
In war they did embrace
To Boynes green banks, they made their way
To fight for God and Crown
The sounds of battle filled the air
My Boyne she flowed like wine

Came screams of pain, from dying men
The soil it was stained red
As cavalry charged and cannons roared
The sky,  it rained with lead

But through the smoke, the flags did fly
The Orange and the Green
And then at last, a cheer we hear
King James has fled the field
King James to Dublin, he did ride
And then to France did flee

King Williams men, had won the day
The Boyne their victory
And still my river gently flows
A tear in Ireland side
For on that day, brave men had died
To gain our liberty

During the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance 2014, a veteran of the D-Day landings on 6th June 1944, preformed a song which he wrote recalling his experiences of that historic battle. The song titled "Shores of Normandy" was sung to the tune My Sweet Boyneside (LINK BELOW) The final verse of both songs finish making a reference to "Liberty" COINCIDENCE??


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