The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ulster Still Says NO!


Theres a despot known as King
Who has kissed Fitzgeralds ring
He's surrounded by his barbed wire fort of steel
Now Fitz' praises does he shout
Since he thinks he's sold us out
What a clever wheeze this Anglo IRAsh deal

Any change they even wrote
Would be a democratic vote
We could throw it out with a majority
So we gave this many tries
But exposed their shallow lies
For they trampled in the ground deMOCKracy

But the thing that really hurt
When 'The Lady' done the dirt
Was that "Out! Out! Out!"
Just sounded good to say

Like some team that won a cup
Their all carving Ulster up
With their Anglo IRAsh Chinese takeaway

Barry wants us all "faced down"
Says we'el soon forget the Crown
In his 'Berlin Bunker' Maryfield he struts

All his smarmy clever spiel
About their Anglo IRAsh Deal
Means we'el wind up like Gadaffi in mud huts

Their red letter days a coming
We can hear the lambegs drumming loud
The message that this deal has got to go

They should learn their lesson well
When their deals returned to hell
Try it on again and

The above ditty from the early 80s ended with a question
"Anglo IRAsh Deal - Where do you draw the line"?

ANSWER = Anglo TRAsh Deal

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