The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Shepherd's Boy

The Shepherd's Boy

One night as I lay upon my bed, I fell into a dream,
Some rugged paths I thought I trod, till a sheepfold I came;
Down by a brook, with scrip and crook, a youth I did espy
I asked his name from whence he came: he said a Shepherd's Boy.

The sheepfold being on a plain, near to a camp it lay,
The lovely lambs around their dam did fondly sport and play;
The fields were green, ail things there seem, to me did yield much joy,
 But nothing there I could compare to the young Shepherd's Boy.

He got a pack placed on his back, and a staff in his right hand:
This very day I must obey my father's just command:
I asked him where he was bound for, he made me a quick reply,
To yonder camp I must repair, although a Shepherd's Boy,

My brethren I must go and see, they're fighting for the King,
This very hour their hearts I'll cheer, glad tidings I'll them bring!
I asked him how he could get there, or climb yon mount so high,
Amark, said he, was left to me, to guide the Shepherd's Boy.

When he came into the camp, I saw a terrible sight,
Two armies there they did prepare for to renew the fight;
A man six cubits and a span his brethren did defy;
None in that place then dare him face but the young Shepherd Boy.

The King says this Goliath does fill our camp with awe,
Whosoever does this monster kill shall be my son-in-law;
Then I will go and lay him low, the youth he did reply,
Then go, he said, Lord be with thee my valiant Shepherd's Boy.

Then out of the brook five stones he took, and placed them in his scrip,
Undauntedly across the plain this gallant youth did trip;
At the first blow he laid him low, cut off his head forbye,
He dropped his sling, and they made a king, of the young Shepherd's Boy.

Now to conclude and finish this wondrous dream of mine,
There's not but he who is born free shall ever know the sign;
So fill your glass round let it pass, for I am getting dry,
And toast with me to the memory of the young Shepherd's Boy.

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