The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Orange Maid Of Sligo (V)

On Ben Bulben's high and lofty heights
When evening sun was setting bright
It cast a shower of golden light
Across the Bay of Sligo

A tiny craft with glancing oars
And flowing sails, the wind before
It drove the tiny craft ashore
To this, the Bay of Sligo

And at the bow there sat a girl
With rosey cheeks and flaxen curls
Her tender beauty was like a pearl
The Orange maid of Sligo

And glancing o'er the vessel's side
She saw upon the water's glide
An orange lily's golden pride
Upon the Bay of Sligo

Make haste, make haste and save that flower
I prize it more than any other
No traitor must have it in his power
Around the Bay of Sligo"

An Orange youth then with a bow,
Did pluck that flower and with a vow
Bestowed it on the gentle brow
Of the orange maid of Sligo

She soon became his bonny bride
And oft he thought at evening tide
About that lily's golden pride
Upon the Bay of Sligo

So come all true blues and fill your glass
No finer toast could ever pass
So here's unto that bonny lass
The Orange Maid of Sligo

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