The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

County Tyrone

My parents oft told me, they would try to control me
They would make me a draper, would I stay at home
But I took a notion, for higher promotion
I would try other parts, from the County Tyrone.

I came to Newry, where I fell a-courting,
A bonny wee lass, for a wife of my own;
But she was still asking, and making inquiry,
What is your character, from the Country Tyrone.

For my character, you need never mind it,
For married nor promised, I ne'er was to none;
She swore by her conscience, she would run all chances,
And travel with me, to the County Tyrone.

Early next morning, bright Phoebus adorning,
We straight took our way, by the three mile stone,
And the guards did pursue us, but they never came to us,
Till they met with an old man, was walking alone.
He told them where he met us, and where they would get us,
Showing them the road, to the County Tyrone;

They being in such trouble, their pace they did double,
Swearing if they would get us, they would break all our bones.
But we came to the quayside, where a vessel was lying,
And there our whole state, unto them we made known.
So they threw a plank to us, and on board they drew us,
And they told us their vessel, was bound for Tyrone.

This maid she lay dying, lamenting and crying,
I offered a cordial, that I brought from home,
Which she kindly did mention, without a pretension,
And sir, I'll do without it, till I go to Tyrone.

Now we're safe landed, in our native country
In spite of her parents, I did bring her home,
And my love's name to finish, is Miss Janie Innes
And I bold McGuinness, from the County Tyrone.

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