The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Carrickmannon Lake

One evening fair to take the air a ramble I did take,
Down by a crystal fountain called Carrickmannon Lake,
Down by yon crystal fountain an image I did view,
 For nature never did design an image just like you.

With courage bold undaunted I boldly then set forth Saying:
"My delightful charmer, you Venus of the North,
Give me my way or else I'll stray, my one and only joy,
And sure 'twould be a pity for to kill a harmless boy."

With flashing eye and ne'er a sigh she coldly said to me:
"Young man depart, for in my heart, no place is decked for thee."
And to my further pleading no answer would she make
But turned away and left me by Carrickmannon lake.

Killinchy is my dwelling place where first my breath I drew;
Drumreagh it is my parents' place, a thousand times adieu!
All for your sake I'll passage take across the stormy sea,
A pilgrim there to do and dare in North America.

Now all young men take warning and shun Killinchy Fair,
Likewise sweet Carrickmannon for that false one she lives there;
As the sun is slow declining o'er yonder hills so clear
The shadow of her dwellin in the lake it does appear.

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