The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Come all you sacred Muses, that frequents our native isle,
I hope you'll pay attention, till I drop my slender quill,
Saying, I will go and seek a home all, in some land that's free
And I'll bid adieu to sweet Lough Foyle, likewise to Craiganee.

When he rises in the morning, he oils and he combs his hair,
He dresses up in superfine, goes out to meet his fair;
Her name I will not mention, for offended she might be,
For she's one of the fairest flowers, ever bloomed in Craiganee.

When she rises in the morning, she walks down by the shore
To watch the foaming billows, as they roll o'er and o'er;
She's watching for the small boat, that bore her love to sea
And she says, - Young Johnny Harkin, you're far from Craiganee.

Then I own I loved old Erin's isle, I never could love more,
Above all other nations, that I ever saw before;
When I am on the ocean deep, neither friend nor foe being near,
I'll be thinking on my own sweetheart, I left in Craiganee.

Adieu unto you, Athleen's rocks, that guard our native shore,
Likewise unto my own sweetheart, will I never see you more?
But if we meet each other, all in some land that's free
We will live and love each others, as we did

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