The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

David's Flowery Vale

It is down by David's flowery vale, where the water does run calm
A purling stream does gently glide, it divides my father's land;
It's covered o'er with linen cloth, that was woven near Tandragee,
It was purchased by Owen M'Kye, and a boy called Robert Lee.

The other day as I roved out, for to view my father's land
The Alma coach it passed me by, well loaded to the ground;
I put my prospect to my eye, I viewed it all around,
In the front of it who did I spy, but a lady of renown.

So then a thought came in my mind, it was her I would approach,
I catched her by the lily-white hand, I led her round the coach,
I showed her all my father's ships, that were bound for Castrel fair,
Had it not been you, fair lady, I'm sure I would been there.

Oh I says - My honoured lady, we'll go down to yonder inn
And we will have a glass of wine, our courtship to begin,
For I have lost a diamond ring, more precious far than gold
And you're the one has found it, fair lady, I am told.

Kind sir, I'm not a lady, the more I wear fine clothes,
Nor for keeping young men's company, I'm sure I'm not exposed;
I am but a hired servant girl, that lives near to Tandragee
And for further information, enquire for Robert Lee.

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