The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bonnie Woodgreen (V)

In among the green bushes of Bonny Wood Green
where me and my true love so oft times were seen
It was there that we sat  and so happy were we
but little she thought that a soldier i;d be

It was early next morning as the lambs they did play
It was off to Kells barrax that I made my way
It was there I enlisted to fight for my King
And a cause to uphold I left Bonny Wood Green

In Larne harbour our troop ship made ready to sail
Mother stood weeping while sisters looked pale
We were singing and dancin while father looked sad
They were sayin farewell to their brave soldier lad

At Flanders a park at the back of the line
they were talking of sweethearts they all left behind
When one Ulster soldier said I have a queen
and she works in John Rosses of Bonny Wood Green

It was early one morning while facin the foe
a shot from the enemy this young man laid low
He called for his comrades it was a sad scene
Say good bye to my Molly of Bonny Wood Green

So if it's ever to Ulster you chance for to stray
Theres a neat little factory near Bally Macvey
where theres weavers and winders and spinners and all
and they work in John Rosses of Bonny Wood Green

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