The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Armagh Brigade (V)

Billy Gray Billy Gray, will you not come to me
Bright light has turned to darkness, in this trench I cannot see
My sight has just been shattered, by the shell that blinded me
Fighting with the Armagh Brigade

I remember well, my auld associates in arms
We gathered from our towns and villages and farms
In answer to the echo, of Carsons loud alarm
We formed up the Armagh Brigade

We took the smuggled rifles, from off the Clyde Valley
To fight the South or England, or whatever enemy
Who would bring us into bondage, or deny our liberty
We marched with the Armagh Brigade

I've always been so puzzled,  I cannot understand
Why we're fighting here in France and not in Ulster's land
Knowing England's promises, are as firm as drifting sand
I don't believe a word that they say

Now when we charged that morning, with a great and mighty yell
Right through the German trenches, how far I cannot tell
I prepared myself for heaven, but marched right into hell
Along with the Armagh Brigade

I hear loud booming thunder, the stutter of the guns
I hear the angry screaming, of Ulster's falling sons
In this bloody slaughterhouse, on the Battle of the Somme
Im dyin' with the Armagh Brigade

For Ulster is my heritage and Ulster is my cause
This war it is futility, it's glory is a fraud
But now i'm bleeding heavily and I must go to God
I'm leavin' the Armagh Brigade

Billy Gray, Billy Gray, will you not come to me
I'm far away from home, my wife and family
Will you come and speak some comfort, and be a friend to me
If your not dead yet Billy Gray

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