The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Somme by Bakerloo Junction (V)

The sun was shinning brightly the sky larks soared above
Their songs were drifting sweetly across the fields of waving corn
Where our Irish boys were lying some sleeping on the ground
Dreaming of their loved ones in far off distant towns

Welcome waves the corn me boys the battle has begun
Welcome waves the corn me boys the battle hymn is sung
Onward Christian soldiers onward now we go
Liberty and freedom our children they must know

On that July morning many brave men fell
As they marched into battle into that smoldering hell
But still they kept on going not a man did flinch
     For peace to give their children they would not move an inch

 And now as I stand at Belfast's City Hall
I think about those men who died at the Somme
The peace that was hard fought for it slowly fades away
         Please God to our country bring a new and peaceful day

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