The Orange Lilly "O"

The Orange Lilly "O"

Friday, 9 January 2015

The Covenanter Soldier - Scottish Covenanter's Song (V)

Yeh seen ah wus named outlaw, and ah fought against the king, 
Mah wife and weans condemned wae me, feh the praises we did sing 
Four little wurds wee’l niver say, wee’l no say them at ahh
And ah’ll gae mah life fer mah beliefs, again king chairlies law

Ah'm a Covenanters sodier and a hod tae mah beliefs 
Against dragoons and lairds sae fine, who are little mair than thiefs
But though ah wus an outlaw, when ah stairted on this fight 
Ah noo stand fer the King sir, on the side of truth an right  

At Drumclog and Bothwell Bridge, we tried tae mak a stand
If they caught us. they would hang us, and cut off wer heids and hans
Wae ministers tae lead us and despite the prayers we prayed,
Many died in battle, through the errors that were made

It was the Graham of Claverhoose, who herried thru wer land,
Cuttin doon the common fowk, wae bluid upon he’s hans
But little did he know then, that his line was runnin thin 
Fer soon the Covenanters, would be comin aifther him

When William and Mary, were crowned the King and Queen 
The Kirk it was put back, tae tha whey that it had been
But Claverhoose, he went and raised, an army frae the north
And this time frae, the King again, we haid tae prove wer worth


We met at Killycrankie and ootnumbered though he wus
Dundee he was experienced, they’d fought in many wars
But even though, he won the day, history will recall
James Stuarts plans were forfeit, when Claverhoose did fall


Mah fightin days wer over, and ahm back hame once again
Av’e been ootlaw and Kings sodier, ave seen mah share o pain
But if mah life and mah beliefs, are once mair under threat
Then rest assured, that once mair, ahll defend them tae the death.



  1. Thanks fr thtfine piece of scholarship. Songs often tell history best.

  2. Does anyone know where I can purchase this song?